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University and Higher Education

Most students come to Campbell Harris to realise their dream of gaining the grades required to win entrance to their preferred university. Our aim is to help you achieve your ambition and fulfil that dream.


However, securing a university entry is not just about good grades. It involves:

  • Deciding on the right degree course for you with help from our Tutors and Principals

  • Advice on the best university to suit the degree course which matches your preferred teaching style and ambition

  • Achieving the appropriate grades for admission whilst having good alternative choices

  • Receiving sound advice to help you write your Personal Statement to impress Admissions Tutors

  • Being prepared for interviews, where necessary.

  • Being prepared for any specialised university admissions tests, now increasingly used for courses such as Medicine and Law.

All students at Campbell Harris receive whatever support they need in any of these areas. Our Principal and Senior Staff keep themselves up-to-date with the regular changes in admissions procedures so that they can give our students exactly the support they need to gain their preferred university choice.


It is becoming increasingly difficult to gain entry to Oxbridge and other topflight universities. The increase in the proportion of A*, A and B grade students has made it more difficult for top ranked universities to differentiate between the best student applications. Thus, these universities have been progressively introducing more entry hurdles, ranging from special admissions tests to interviews.


Therefore, we regard it as an essential part of our role to support our students from the moment they arrive here until their successful admission to university. From the outset of their courses, our tutors counsel students on possible career and university courses. This is essential to make the correct A level subject choices and to prepare for Oxbridge or medical school, which have much earlier application deadlines than other university courses. This process also motivates the students to achieve the required goals by studying hard.


All students receive counselling and guidance through the UCAS procedure, which is now completely online. We have an extensive range of university directories and reference books.


Campbell Harris has been commended by university admissions tutors for our positive and original references. We place great emphasis on ensuring that students’ personal statements for UCAS are fresh by avoiding clichéd and hackneyed phrases and obvious formulaic approaches – the emphasis being on originality.


Where necessary, we coach students in interview technique and arrange mock interviews. The student is encouraged to show their knowledge, personality, enthusiasm and understanding.


Entry to Medicine is highly competitive, despite the fact there are 32 medical schools at UK universities. You ideally need AAA grades or higher at A level. Over half of candidates are disappointed and it is therefore crucial we give our students solid support to be in the successful 50%.


You may rest assured that our students can be confident of having the best chance to succeed in their applications.

Our friends at Education Advisers have produced clear guides to help you navigate your way around some of the most popular University Subjects:

Art and Design
Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science


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