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How to Register

Best Exam Centre in London

Since opening in 1994, Campbell Harris has provided an efficient and friendly centre for private candidates to sit exams from GCSE to A level. Students can sit almost all qualifications with us as a private candidate, and we can accommodate most extra time and access requirements. We are also now a centre for Oxford Admissions Tests and can offer CAT, ELAT, GAT, MAT, HAT, MLAT, PAT and Philosophy test.


The wall of thank you cards and inbox of thank you emails is testament to Campbell Harris being the best exam centre in London!   

"Thank you so much for updating me on the exam situation, you have been so helpful with exams and A level advice, I'm glad I went with Campbell Harris 😊 

A huge heartfelt thankyou for all of your help, it is greatly appreciated"



How to Register


To register, please complete the Exam Registration form and email it to us before calling to make payment by card.

We will also need a scan of your ID: we will be checking the physical copy on exam day when you arrive. 


Fees payable by card (not American Express) or cash.

Drop-in time for exam registration is between 1.00pm – 2.00pm Monday to Friday.

For information about current prices please email or telephone 020 7937 0032 between 10:30am and 4:30pm weekdays.

For information about deadlines for entry and submission of coursework please contact For information regarding the examination requirements, specification etc. please refer to your tutor or the examination boards’ website.

We offer A level Biology, Chemistry and Physics practical endorsement courses – see here for details

"I also just wanted to take the time to say thank you. I have been super impressed with the way you have dealt with my various questions. I also found the whole process of actually doing the exams made as easy and calm as possible, both from the point of view of my having all the instructions I needed to get to the location and actually at the location itself. It only dawned on me afterwards that it was in fact yourself on the exam day sorting everyone out – and dealing with good humour with the chap who was impossibly late for the exam (and then did it again for part 2!). But it wasn’t the time then for thank yous really. So I’ll just say that whatever happens with the exam result, all the conditions for sitting the exam were just right. Thank you for taking the worry away from that part of it all, at least!"


Harrier T

Notes on Completing the Private Candidates' Exam Registration Form


This is not intended to be an exhaustive guide to all the possible issues relating to being a Private Candidate – it is your responsibility to ensure that you register for exams that are available to Private Candidates and that you both understand and follow the exam board’s procedures and regulations for the relevant specification(s).

With this in mind, before registering for any exams as a Private Candidate, you are strongly advised to look at the relevant specification (syllabus) and other related information (exam timetables etc.) on the exam boards’ website(s). Details of their website addresses are at the end of this page.

This guide begins with a summary of the process before moving on to specific issues relating to the completion of the exam registration form. More general information then follows.

General Information

Full details are required!

Please ensure you provide all the requested information clearly when completing the form – missing out your date of birth or not using BLOCK CAPITALS so that we misspell your name, for example, can cause problems of identification at the exam board. Missing out your UCI number or a cash-in/certification request, as detailed below, can have more serious consequences! Please also include all contact information as we may need to contact you by phone, e mail, or post.

Whose responsibility is it to make sure you are registered for the correct exams?

In a word: Yours! You need to ensure that the details you provide on the form are clearly stated and correct! This means, in particular, that the entry / qualification codes must be correct (including the option code if relevant) as we won’t know which exams you want to do! When you get your Statement of Entry, you must check it very carefully to make sure that you are registered for the correct units (and any “cash-ins” for modular qualifications that you have requested). If we need to make an amendment to your unit entry details, this can lead to you being charged again for the unit – usually at the late or very late registration fee!

Is there an Administration fee?

Yes – we have to charge a fee on top of the fee the exam board charges us (so that we can hire an exam hall, invigilators etc.!). Unlike some of the (very few) other colleges that offer exams to Private Candidates, we do not charge a separate administration fee – it’s included in the fees we charge for each exam

Why are exams more expensive when it’s a late registration?

The exam boards increase their fees substantially when we register you late so we have to pass this additional cost on to you. Our deadlines for late registration have to be before the board’s deadlines so that we can register you in time.

Why is my candidate number different from last time and different between boards?

Your four-digit candidate number on the Statement(s) of Entry/Results is arbitrary and is generated when we register you – your candidate number will change between exam sessions, your UCI number shouldn’t! If you have registered for exams with more than one board, you will have different candidate numbers for each (as shown on the Statements) – you must use the correct candidate number on the exam script, when you sit that board’s exams.

Are refunds available if I don’t want to sit the exam anymore?

Generally, we are unable to refund you for exams that you have registered for, as the exam board will still charge us for making the entries. If you provide a written request to be withdrawn, that allows us enough time for us to withdraw the entry without being charged, we may be able to offer you a partial refund – please enquire.

Distance Learning Organisations:

Oxford Open Learning

4 Kings Meadow

Ferry Hinksey Rd

Oxford OX2 0DP

Tel: 01865 798022


International Correspondence Schools (ICS)                

Breckenridge House                                                          
274 Sauchiehall Street                                                        
Glasgow, G2 3EH                                                              

Tel: 0808 115 5165                                                                                                                 


National Extension College

The Michael Young Centre

Purbeck Road,

Cambridge, CB2 8HN

Tel: 0800 389 2839 / 01223 400 200

Wolsey Hall Oxford

Tel: 0800 622 6599

Exam boards’ website links for private candidates:​

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