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Notes for the Day of the Exam 

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the exams you want to take are available to private candidates during the session indicated and that you fully understand and follow the exam board’s regulations/procedures. You must ensure that the details you provide are correct and that the exams do not clash with others you take.


You are strongly advised to find out the date & time of your exams independently (from the relevant exam board’s website). This is particularly important if you late-register.


If you are eligible for access arrangement (extra time / use of computer) you must inform Campbell Harris at the time of registration so that the correct procedure can be followed.


Please note that details of the exam hall venue(s) and scheduling are published on our website before the exam session as well as being emailed to you.


You must comply with examination regulations at all times.


If any of the exams require pre-release/case study information please inform us when you register.


In rare cases, you may be contacted if high numbers of exam registrations mean that we have to split an exam session. In such instances, you must come to the exam venue to be supervised until the later session, so should allow for 3 hours duration of each exam session.


Please note that mobile phones, coats, bags etc. that you bring to the exam hall are left at your own risk.


You must bring photo ID (Passport/Driving Licence/National ID card) and your Statement(s) of Entry to each exam and must be on time.

"I would also like to say thank you on behalf of myself and the friends I know that sat exams through Campbell Harris last year. We are all greatly appreciative over how helpful and accommodating yourself and the team were throughout the whole of last year."


Tanzilla A

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